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Power increase


Fort he perfect tuning of the engine we use a Lambda Controller Kit LC-2 from Innovate Motorsports,

or a Spartan 2 Controller Kit from 14point7.

Both versions are boradband. Es handelt sich bei beiden Ausführungen um Breitbandversionen. In contrast to jump probes, these can evaluate the exhaust gas behavior at 0.1V intervals. They differ, however, in the construction. The Spartan 2 controller is built into the connector housing.

assembled a complete kit then looks like this

2,3 Liter WBX

Together with a local expert Atterer BOSCH CAR SERVICE in Senden all test runs are performed

Here, a comparison of a series WBX engine with DJ-pistons, with new ECU, and with 2.3 Liters and new ECU: